Osimhen has characteristics that I love:Juventus great Del Piero

“It doesnt matter whether he misses three chances or scores three goals, because he will start the very next move with the same level of determination.

Osimhen struck for their 1-1 draw at Udinese, which confirmed Napoli as Serie A champions.

“What more can be said about Osimhen, this extraordinary player, a symbol of the modern striker? Del Piero told Sky Sport Italia.

Juventus great Alex del Piero has hailed the season impact of Napoli star Victor Osimhen.

“I think that makes clear the importance of a player who has won everyone over.

“He has improved during the season following Spallettis guidance and the way Napoli play is good for him too. I must say that Napoli with Osimhen is a team for the title, whereas without him it becomes more difficult.

“He has managed to improve during the season. He has some particular characteristics that I love, such as courage, determination, the hunger to score and to do well.