Chelsea rejects latest Mason Mount bid from Manchester United

The Chelsea Blues aren’t impressed my Manchester United’s latest effort to acquire midfielder Mason Mount. Chelsea rejected United’s third offer for £55 million, countering with £65 million.

Given the two sides are already months into these negotiations, Chelsea’s counter-offer looked like more of a definitive ‘no’ than a real price. However, sources indicate that there is still optimism that a deal will get done.

Mount has one year left on his Chelsea contract but has expressed he does want to go join United. In 195 appearances with the club since 2017, Mount has netted 33 goals.

Chelsea has accepted that the 24-year-old won’t be a part of the club any longer, so they want to cash in on their investment before Mount walks away for free. Still, they want a significant  return on for a valuable asset.

Liverpool and Arsenal are also in the running to swoop up the English midfielder, but Chelsea’s talks with United are the most promising.

Mount was critical in the Blues’ last great season in 2021, culminating with a UEFA Champions League title. He was also elite in 2022, but his statistical production took a strong step backwards this past year.

On top of that, Chelsea as a whole had a highly disappointing season. It’s no surprise some of their young, talented players are looking for an out.