Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes makes feelings clear on Mason Mount

Manchester United‘s Bruno Fernandes has extended a warm welcome to newly signed Mason Mount, despite their previous on-field rivalry, reported by mirror. Following Mount’s confirmed move from Chelsea to Manchester United, Fernandes expressed his excitement and camaraderie with a playful gesture.

As Mount completed his transfer to Old Trafford, Fernandes, who holds the position of vice-captain at United, was one of the first players to greet him. In a lighthearted manner, Fernandes shared a picture of himself playfully tugging on Mount’s shirt and jokingly asked why it took him so long to sign. Fernandes’ post on social media read, “Why did you take so long to sign? Welcome, Mason Mount.”

This isn’t the first time Fernandes has voiced his admiration for Mount. In an interview with United’s website two years ago, the Portuguese playmaker named Mount as one of the top nine players in the Premier League. Fernandes commended Mount for his consistency and stellar performances, acknowledging his contributions to Chelsea’s success in winning the Champions League, European Super Cup, and reaching the FA Cup final.

Despite their past battles on the pitch, Fernandes recognizes Mount’s talent and appreciates his ability to deliver strong performances. While Mount may not have the highest goal or assist numbers, Fernandes emphasized that his overall performance and consistency make him a top player in his eyes.

With Fernandes openly praising Mount and extending a warm welcome, it is evident that the Manchester United camp is excited about the addition of the English international. Mount’s arrival brings additional depth and quality to the team, and Fernandes’ endorsement further highlights the belief in his abilities.

As Mount settles into his new surroundings at Old Trafford, the camaraderie and support from his teammates, including Bruno Fernandes, will undoubtedly contribute to his transition and integration into the Manchester United squad. Fans will be eager to see the partnership and collaboration between Fernandes and Mount flourish on the pitch in the upcoming season.