Kylian Mbappe’s rejection of $1.1 billion Saudi offer draws bonkers Twitter reactions

PSG star Kylian Mbappe has no interest in leaving Europe for the Middle East and joining Saudi Pro League Club Al Hilal, even if it means rejecting a salary of $776 million for one year.

Sure enough, his decision to shut the door on a potential move to Al Hilal drew several shocked reactions from sports fans all over the world. After all, who says no to such kind of money? Many argued that Mbappe should have taken it and played in the club for one year and then make his return to Europe where he can compete at the top level once again. Besides, he’s only 24 years old and still has plenty of football left in him even if he spends one year in a league with lesser competition.

Mbappe has been linked with Real Madrid for some time now, and after he turned down Al Hilal’s $1.1 billion bid (including the $332 million transfer fee to PSG), rumors circulated that he already has a secret deal in place with the Spanish giants.

“Mbappe will regret…years from now on not taking [a one-year], $776M contract from Al Hilal. Mbappe can always sign with Real Madrid the next season after,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another commenter said, “I guess I respect this? But also I don’t know how a person can rationalize turning down probably a billion dollars when all said and done with extra endorsements and expanding his market for 9 months work, when they’d let you go where you want anyways once that one season is done.”

“Man….. he could’ve played the one year and went to RM right after … like come on man,” a third fan shared.

Of course Kylian Mbappe’s supporters defended him and tried to make sense of his decision. Many Mbappe fans pointed out that money isn’t an issue for the French youngster since he’s already making a lot, so it was never a motivating factor for him.

At the end of the day, the desire to keep playing at the highest level of football weighs more than the money he could have gotten.

While it’s definitely great that Mbappe has the ability to make such a choice, it’s not really a good news for PSG. With the youngster’s refusal to negotiate with Al Hilal, Paris Saint-Germain is facing the legitimate possibility of seeing their superstar walk away for nothing.