Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag sends brutal warning to players

Manchester United manager, Erik ten Hag, has issued a stern warning to his players as he prepares them for the coming season, reported by The Dutchman revealed that when he took charge of the team last year, he had to make significant changes to their lifestyle, including their eating, sleeping, and recovery habits.

Ten Hag admitted that the standards were not up to par when he arrived at Manchester United. He emphasized that professional football is demanding, with players facing a grueling schedule of around 70 games per year, including club and international fixtures. To cope with such intensity, Ten Hag stressed the importance of living the right life, which involves prioritizing sleep, recovery, and nutrition.

The manager made it clear that there is no room for living “the sensational life” if the players want to perform at the highest levels consistently. He demanded the highest standards in every aspect of their lives, as these factors play a crucial role in their ability to compete and excel on the field.

Ten Hag’s focus on improving the squad’s lifestyle choices indicates his commitment to developing a team that is physically and mentally prepared for the challenges of top-level football. He wants the players to understand that success requires discipline and dedication to taking care of their bodies and minds.

The manager’s message is not directed at any specific player; it is a collective responsibility for the entire squad. From star players like Marcus Rashford to new signings like Raphael Varane, everyone is expected to uphold these high standards.

As the Premier League season approaches, fans and pundits will be eager to see how these lifestyle changes and the manager’s influence translate into performance on the pitch. With Erik ten Hag’s vision for a disciplined and well-prepared squad, Manchester United hopes to reclaim their position as one of the dominant forces in English football.