What is it like to coach Lionel Messi? Tata Martino explains

Tata Martino, the coach of Inter Miami, has shared his insights into what it’s like to coach the legendary Lionel Messi, reported by goal.com. Martino has had the privilege of working with Messi at various points in their careers, including during their time together at Barcelona and with the Argentina national team. Now, they have been reunited in Major League Soccer (MLS) as Messi embarks on a new chapter in his illustrious career with Inter Miami.

The Argentine icon, who recently left PSG as a free agent, joined Inter Miami in pursuit of the American dream. Alongside Messi, the MLS franchise boasts other familiar faces from their Barcelona days, such as Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba. Martino, who has previously managed Barcelona and the Argentina national team, is excited to be coaching Messi once again, and he speaks highly of the footballing maestro’s on and off-field qualities.

Martino describes Messi as an exceptional player on the pitch, widely regarded as the best in the world, but he also emphasizes that off the field, Messi is just a regular person, making it easier for coaches to work with him. This balance of extraordinary talent and grounded personality undoubtedly contributes to Messi’s success and impact as a player.

With Inter Miami, Martino has big ambitions. He aims to build a team capable of winning championships and leave a lasting mark in the club’s history. As he sets his sights on MLS Cup glory, the presence of Messi on the team undoubtedly provides a significant boost to the squad’s prospects.

As Lionel Messi continues to settle into life in MLS, fans around the world eagerly await his performances and the potential success he could bring to Inter Miami. With Tata Martino at the helm, guiding the team with his experience and expertise, the combination of Messi’s brilliance and coaching prowess could be a winning formula for Inter Miami’s aspirations in the league.

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