Bayern Munich’s Sadio Mané sees manager drop truth bomb on feud with Leroy Sané

Back in March, the last thing you want to see happen in a teams dressing room happened. After Bayern Munich lost 3-0 to Manchester City in their first leg of the Champions League quarter-final, Sadio Mané and Leroy Sané got into an argument, leading to Mané punching Sané. Now, five months later, Mané’s manager has spoken out about the incident.

“Everyone with a knowledge of European football knows that Leroy Sané is a very condescending guy,” Mané’s manager, Bacary Cissé said according to a Facebook post from Fabrizio Romano. “Sadio is very calm and has shown that everywhere he played. Sané has exceeded the limits.

The comments from Cissé are quite shocking. We went on to reveal more about the story from his and Mané’s point of view, and tried to reveal some truths to the situation.

“Many wrong things were said about what happened,” Cissé said. “Many dirty things came out from the German press. They sided with Sané against Sadio. They said Sadio was fined €500k, which is a lie.”

Cissé also went on to add some more surprising details to the story, adding that Mané had been racially insulted by Sané at Bayern Munich.

“Sadio racially insulted by Sané? Yes, indeed,” Cissé said. “I can’t enter into certain details. That’s why I said there was ingratitude from Bayern’s part. It’s crazy!”

This is certainly one of the more bizarre stories that has gone around in the football world lately. It’ll be interesting to see if this continues to develop and if we hear any other comments from people within the Bayern Munich community.