Why Lionel Messi snubbed ‘endless money’ and joined Inter Miami

Lionel Messi‘s decision to join Inter Miami was motivated by his desire to change the sport and make a lasting impact, reported by goal.com. Despite receiving lucrative offers from Europe and the Middle East, Messi opted for the American dream and a new challenge with Inter Miami, co-owned by legendary football figure David Beckham.

The Argentine icon left PSG as a free agent, opening up a range of possibilities for his next move. While a return to Barcelona was speculated, Messi chose to reject other financial offers in favor of a path that resonated with his aspirations. Speaking on the podcast “Offside with Taylor Twellman,” Mas revealed the thought process behind Messi’s decision.

Mas explained, “We’re competing for the best player in the world with the powerhouses of global soccer and with endless money that we cannot compete with. So, I had to try to find what makes Lionel Messi tick. What can we offer that someone else can’t? In this country, Lionel Messi has the opportunity to change the sport.”

Since his arrival in the States, Messi has already made a significant impact on and off the field. He has scored five goals in just three appearances, showcasing his unparalleled talent. Moreover, Messi’s stature has attracted not only dedicated soccer fans but also A-list celebrities to the DRV PNK Stadium, bringing a new level of attention to the club and the league.

Inter Miami’s decision to sign Messi was a culmination of a decade-long effort to secure his services. Mas’s insights shed light on Messi’s motivations and the significant role he envisions playing in shaping the future of soccer in the United States. As Inter Miami continues to compete, Messi’s presence is likely to leave an enduring mark on the sport’s landscape.

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