Piers Morgan digs at old foe USWNT’s Megan Rapinoe

Piers Morgan has seized the opportunity to rekindle his longstanding feud with Megan Rapinoe after the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) suffered a shocking defeat in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, reported by goal.com. The reigning champions were eliminated in the last-16 stage by Sweden, a loss that marked a stunning turn of events for a team that had previously dominated the tournament.

The USWNT’s exit was sealed in a penalty shootout against Sweden, and Rapinoe, a legendary figure in the women’s game, missed her spot-kick during the crucial moment. British television host Piers Morgan, known for his outspoken views, took to Twitter to respond to Rapinoe’s misfortune. He sarcastically exclaimed, “oh no,” as he shared a post highlighting the end of Rapinoe’s World Cup campaign in “heartbreak.”

Morgan’s taunt harkens back to his past criticisms of Rapinoe. He had previously clashed with her over various issues, including her goal celebrations during the 2019 World Cup and her stance on social justice and equal pay in women’s soccer. In response to Rapinoe’s political activism, Morgan had stated, “Try winning it first, Ms Rapinoe – then inform us of your latest tiresome political activism.”

Rapinoe had announced before the tournament that this would be her final World Cup appearance with the USWNT. Her storied international career includes 202 caps and 63 international goals. While her legacy in women’s soccer remains impressive, the shock defeat against Sweden marked a disappointing end to her illustrious journey on the international stage.

The ongoing rivalry between Piers Morgan and Megan Rapinoe adds an extra layer of intrigue to the world of sports and highlights the broader conversations surrounding the intersection of sports, politics, and social justice.