Manchester City star Bernardo Silva on the verge of new contract

Manchester City star Bernardo Silva seems to be on the brink of signing a new contract with the club, reported by His chances of joining Barcelona are dwindling due to the financial difficulties faced by the Catalan club.

Silva, the Portugal midfielder, had been linked with a move to Barcelona, but recent developments have led him to believe that a transfer to the Spanish club is becoming increasingly unlikely. According to sources, Silva and his representatives are growing less optimistic about Barcelona’s ability to make a substantial offer, given their ongoing financial challenges.

Barcelona’s financial constraints have been evident in their transfer activity, with the club having made limited signings this summer. While they had previously expressed interest in Silva, they have yet to present a formal offer to Manchester City. City manager Pep Guardiola has indicated that any potential deal would need to involve a bid of around £70 million ($89 million) to secure Silva’s services.

In light of the situation, Silva is reportedly nearing acceptance of Manchester City’s offer for a new contract. His current contract with the club is set to run until 2025. However, it’s reported that Silva is willing to provide Barcelona with a brief window of opportunity, allowing them one or two more days to make a bid for his transfer before he finalizes the new contract with City.

As Manchester City prepares to kick off the new Premier League season with a match against Burnley on Friday, the imminent decision regarding Bernardo Silva’s contract will undoubtedly have an impact on the team’s roster dynamics and overall strategy moving forward.