Neymar’s potential FC Barcelona return faces major problem

Paris Saint-Germain has been taking a lot of losses recently. With the exception of closing the Ousmane Dembele deal, they are expecting their core to be dismantled. Lionel Messi was the first domino to fall as he is now thriving with Inter Miami in the MLS. Kylian Mbappe is likely to follow suit due to the offers from Real Madrid and the Saudi League. More than that, the French superstar may not be the only one leaving PSG and heading to La Liga. Neymar also expressed massive interest to link back up with FC Barcelona to strengthen their veteran presence.

Xavi Hernandez has not been all for the Neymar to FC Barcelona hype train. The Brazilian megastar has expressed his interest to go back to La Liga. However, there are a few roadblocks that are stopping the transfer from happening, per ESPN FC.

There have been a lot of debates inside FC Barcelona regarding the fit of Neymar. The team is now stacked at the wing and midfield positions. Pedri and Gavi are young talents that Xavi Hernandez needs to develop more. A role in the squad seems hard to find given that they also just got Ilkay Gundongan.

A transfer is looking inevitable for PSG and Neymar. It will just be a question of when he exits and what squad he lands on. Although, it is quite sure that he will follow in the steps of his former co-stars, Lionel Messi, and Kylian Mbappe.

Will Xavi Hernandez change his mind about the acquisition?