Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne fuming at new rules after Arsenal loss

Manchester City‘s Kevin De Bruyne has expressed his frustration with the newly implemented stoppage time rules, labeling them as illogical and potentially harmful to the flow of the game, reported by The rule change requires referees to account for various stoppages when determining the amount of added time, leading to longer matches.

De Bruyne’s critique comes after Arsenal’s dramatic comeback in the FA Community Shield final, where they scored the equalizer in the 11th minute of the 13 added minutes of stoppage time against Manchester City. The Belgian midfielder believes that these changes could lead to matches extending for as much as 25 minutes beyond the regular duration.

In his post-match remarks after the defeat at Wembley, De Bruyne shared, “A game like today, even the first half with three minutes extra, you can only guess what’s going to happen if you play a lower team who keep time-wasting all the time.” He expressed concern about the potential impact on players’ schedules and performance if matches frequently include such extended periods of play.

De Bruyne’s sentiments echo the opinions of other players in the league. Manchester United’s Raphael Varane had previously criticized the new rule, pointing out its potential effects on players’ well-being, both physically and mentally.

Kevin De Bruyne also indicated that he believes these rules might undergo changes in the near future, given the player dissatisfaction. Recently, players from Manchester City and Manchester United met with the Professional Footballers’ Association chief executive to voice their concerns over the new rule.

The Football Association (FA) is expected to maintain the new added time rules for the ongoing 2023-24 season, with any amendments likely to be considered for the start of the 2024-25 campaign. As players and officials continue to navigate this change, its implications for the pace and duration of matches will remain a point of discussion.