The rise and fall of Harry Maguire amid West Ham transfer

Harry Maguire‘s journey at Manchester United is set to come to an end, marking a dramatic fall from his arrival as the world’s most expensive defender in 2019, reported by His transfer to United was a highly anticipated move, with the club paying a record-breaking £80 million ($101 million) to acquire him from Leicester City. Maguire’s reputation had soared after the 2018 World Cup, where he played a pivotal role for England.

The anticipation and excitement surrounding Maguire’s arrival were palpable. His reputation had skyrocketed after his impressive performances during the 2018 World Cup, where he played a pivotal role in England’s campaign. His signature was seen as a statement of intent by Manchester United, a club eager to reassert its dominance both domestically and in Europe.

However, Maguire’s time at Old Trafford was marked by inconsistencies and a gradual decline in form. Despite making a strong debut and being awarded the Man of the Match in a commanding 4-0 win against Chelsea, the team’s subsequent struggles raised questions about his ability to lead the defense effectively. The subsequent string of lackluster performances, including unexpected losses to teams like Crystal Palace, West Ham, and Newcastle, further compounded the pressure on both Maguire and the club.

Now, Maguire’s impending departure to West Ham for a reported fee of £30 million ($38.2 million) highlights a significant devaluation of his transfer value, reflecting both his performances on the field and the shifts in the football landscape. His fall from grace, from being the world’s most expensive defender to being sold for a fraction of that price, encapsulates the unpredictable nature of football careers and the challenges players can face even after reaching the pinnacle of their profession.

As Harry Maguire departs Old Trafford, there’s a sense of closure, both for him and for Manchester United. The club has undergone transformations, with recent successes and changes in management allowing them to move forward. Many hope that his departure will mark a fresh start, offering him an opportunity to revive his career away from the intense spotlight that had been on him at Manchester United.