Barcelona and PSG agrees on unique transfer non-aggression pact

In a surprising turn of events, Barcelona and PSG have reached a unique non-aggression pact in the transfer market, reported by They put an end to the years of rivalry in poaching players from each other.

The rivalry between the two clubs has been simmering since 2016 when Barcelona’s attempt to sign Marco Verratti irked PSG. The feud escalated further when PSG secured Neymar’s signature by activating his release clause in 2017, leading to a bitter relationship between the sides. The French club later added fuel to the fire by signing Lionel Messi on a free transfer in 2021 after his contract with Barcelona couldn’t be extended due to financial constraints. The imminent signing of Ousmane Dembele by PSG further strained relations.

According to Spanish outlet Sport, both clubs have now decided to establish a verbal non-aggression ‘pact,’ with the intention of refraining from signing players from each other in the future. While this agreement isn’t legally binding, it signals a shift in the tense relationship between the two football giants.

The agreement comes in the aftermath of PSG’s decision to trigger Dembele’s €50 million release clause against Barcelona’s wishes. This pact could offer some relief to Barcelona, especially considering the financial disparity between the two clubs, with PSG backed by Qatar Sports Investments.

While the non-aggression pact isn’t guaranteed to hold indefinitely, it suggests a willingness on both sides to mitigate tensions and foster a more amicable relationship in the transfer market. Whether this understanding will withstand the test of time remains to be seen, but it indicates a positive step towards detente in the competitive world of football transfers.