Kelley O’Hara’s FIFA Women’s World Cup message after Sweden loss

The FIFA Women’s World Cup did not go as expected for the United States Women’s National Team. The perfect send-off to Megan Rapinoe never materialized. Passing the torch to the future of the squad to the likes of Sophia Smith did not happen as well. There will be future tournaments and encounters for the members of the USWNT but they felt that it should not have ended that way against Sweden. Kelley O’Hara was the most vocal about the situation.

There was not a lot to say after the USWNT suffered that Round of 16 loss to Sweden. Everything was going well for the Americans at the FIFA Women’s World Cup. They dominated the shots aimed at the goal with 11 to the single shot on target by their opponents. Their offense netted them 587 passes on 77% pass accuracy. The Megan Rapinoe and Sophia Smith-led team just could not get the ball to the back of the net.

To this day, Kelley O’Hara still has strong feelings about the USWNT losing on penalty kicks. She disclosed it in her latest Instagram post.

“I love this game so deeply. And when you love something deeply, you give it the ability to break your heart. I know that in sports the outcome of a game is the culmination of a million little moments.” the USWNT forward said about her football career at 35 years old. Her feelings about not getting a proper conclusion still linger, “However, I was asked to do one job at the final critical moment and I did not execute. For that, I am beyond sorry.”

Will we see the USWNT defender pay it forward?