Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi ‘much happier’ at MLS after leaving PSG

Lionel Messi‘s journey in Major League Soccer (MLS) with Inter Miami has seen a remarkable shift in his demeanor, as noted by his former manager Tata Martino, reported by The legendary Argentine, who left PSG earlier this summer, appears to be embracing a newfound sense of happiness and tranquility on and off the pitch.

Martino, who previously coached Messi during his time with the Argentina national team and Barcelona, has observed a notable change in the forward’s outlook since his pivotal triumph with Argentina in the World Cup. Messi’s decision to depart PSG for Inter Miami seems to have contributed significantly to this positive shift in his attitude.

Having joined Inter Miami on a free transfer, Messi’s impact has been undeniable. He has wasted no time in making his presence felt, scoring an impressive eight goals in just five matches in the Leagues Cup. Tata Martino believes that Messi’s newfound calmness and happiness are directly translating into his exceptional on-field performances.

Martino commented on the transformation, stating, “You see it in the field; I don’t have to tell you, but he’s a lot calmer, much happier. Being happy also has to do with where he’s been.” This contentment extends beyond the pitch, as Messi has been enjoying his time off it as well. Notably, he was recently seen sharing dinner with Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham’s family, along with teammates Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets and their respective partners.

As Lionel Messi’s journey in MLS continues, his positive mindset and enthusiasm are likely to further bolster Inter Miami’s prospects in the Leagues Cup. The Argentine superstar is gearing up for the Leagues Cup semi-final clash against the Philadelphia Union, where his influence could prove instrumental in propelling his team to victory at the Subaru Park in Chester, Pennsylvania.

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