Manchester United’s Harry Maguire transfer collapses as he demands pay-off

Manchester United‘s Harry Maguire finds himself in the center of a transfer turmoil as his much-discussed move to West Ham has collapsed due to disagreements over exit terms, reported by The Guardian reports that Maguire’s desired £30 million ($38 million) transfer fee was not the only point of contention; the defender is now seeking a significant pay-off from Manchester United before leaving the club.

The main obstacle to Maguire’s exit is the disagreement over the pay-off amount. It’s understood that the England international is requesting at least £7 million as part of his exit terms. This demand stems from the fact that a move to West Ham would require him to accept a considerable reduction in his wages, which he seeks to offset with a pay-off. West Ham has reportedly withdrawn from the deal due to the prolonged negotiations and the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Maguire’s departure.

With West Ham out of the picture, Manchester United is now faced with the challenge of finding alternative options for offloading Maguire. Manager Erik ten Hag has made it clear that Maguire is not in his plans, as indicated by the defender’s absence from the starting lineup in their Premier League opener against Wolves. Instead, the club is actively exploring other transfer targets to replace him.

In the meantime, Maguire’s future remains uncertain, as he appears determined to secure a financial settlement with Manchester United that minimizes his financial loss if he departs the club. Reports suggest that Maguire’s pay-off demand could go as high as £15 million ($19 million) in a final settlement.

As the transfer window’s deadline approaches, Manchester United is under pressure to resolve this situation swiftly and decisively while focusing on securing a suitable replacement for Harry Maguire in their defensive lineup.