Borussia Dortmund players glad that Jude Bellingham left

Borussia Dortmund players are expressing relief over Jude Bellingham‘s departure for Real Madrid, suggesting that his desire to be the center of attention has led to improved team dynamics in his absence, reported by

Jude Bellingham’s move to Real Madrid during the summer transfer window has reportedly been met with approval from his former Borussia Dortmund teammates. According to sources, Dortmund players believed that Bellingham often sought the spotlight and felt overshadowed by fellow star Erling Haaland. Instances of his behavior, such as applauding fans on his own after games instead of with the team, contributed to a perceived individualistic approach.

During his time at Dortmund, Bellingham was occasionally asked to lead the team, but his leadership qualities were questioned by his peers, who found him moody and lacking in certain team-oriented attributes. His interactions with teammates were also said to be occasionally abrasive, leading to tensions within the squad. Reports indicate that Bellingham’s verbal exchanges with colleagues occasionally escalated to insults, such as one directed at Nico Schulz after a disappointing Europa League exit against Rangers.

However, the dynamic in the Dortmund dressing room seems to have improved since the departure of Bellingham. Under the leadership of new club captain Emre Can, a more positive spirit is said to have been restored. Bellingham’s role has been filled by former Manchester United midfielder Marcel Sabitzer, who reportedly enjoys better rapport with his teammates.

Real Madrid secured Bellingham’s services for an initial fee of €103 million (£89 million/$110 million), which could rise by an additional €30 million (£26 million/$32 million) based on performance-related targets. Bellingham quickly adapted to his new environment, scoring in his La Liga debut against Athletic Club. As he continues to settle in, Real Madrid fans hope he will continue his impressive performances in the coming matches, including their upcoming fixture against Almeria.