Pep Guardiola bans Jack Grealish and players from drinking

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has enforced a strict no-drinking policy for his players following their victory in the UEFA Super Cup, reported by This decision came after Jack Grealish, one of the key figures in the team, revealed that there would be no extravagant celebrations for the team after their triumph against Sevilla.

Manchester City emerged victorious in the UEFA Super Cup after defeating Sevilla in a tense penalty shootout, with the match ending in a 1-1 draw in Athens. While the team’s penchant for celebrations has been noticeable, Guardiola’s new directive underscores the seriousness with which he regards their upcoming matches, especially as they are set to face Newcastle shortly after their Super Cup triumph.

Grealish, who was central to the celebrations during City’s Champions League win and subsequent parade, disclosed that Pep Guardiola has banned any post-match revelries this time. The English winger stated that the team would focus on recovery and preparation for the forthcoming Premier League match against Newcastle.

Guardiola’s emphasis on the importance of the Super Cup was not lost on the players. Jack Grealish highlighted that the manager was resolute in his desire for Manchester City to secure the trophy, emphasizing the significance of the win in further solidifying the club’s impressive track record of success.

As Manchester City gears up to host Newcastle in their next match, and with a subsequent home match against Fulham, the players are evidently being encouraged to maintain their focus and dedication to on-field performances, rather than getting caught up in post-match celebrations.